Do you know that Baldini’s will cash your paycheck? Thats right, every week we cash thousands of paychecks from both local and national companies. Not only is this FREE but you also can win Free Play and get free drinks just for cashing your check!

Free Paycheck Cashing

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Baldini’s Casino Play to Win, Play Baldini’s!

Baldini’s cashes the following checks
Personal (limits may apply)

Win $50 in Free Play just for cashing your check. Every week, Baldini’s draws 20 winners from guests who cashed their check the previous week. Each winner wins $50 in Free Play! Winners are drawn each Tuesday for the previous week’s entries. Winners have 7 days to claim their prize. Just another reason why the best things happen at Baldini’s.

B Rewarded

The B Rewarded Players Club Card

Be a part of the most generous club in town! As a B Rewarded Player, you will see your points and comps go up at an extraordinary rate. We believe that every time you visit Baldini’s Casino, it should be your favorite visit. That’s why we’re always offering special promotions. It’s our job to surprise you as best as we possibly can, over and over again. Sound like a tall order? That’s okay, get to know us and you’ll soon find out that we know how to rise to the occasion.

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B Rewarded