B Rewarded

The entry to great promotions

B Rewarded

The More You Play the More You Win

From Tournaments and Slot Promotions, to our exciting Casino Special Events and parties, it pays to have a Baldini’s B Rewarded Players Club Card. Sign up today – the more you play at our Reno/Sparks casino, the more chances you’ll have to win!


What is a B Rewarded Players Club Card?

The most valuable card in the casino is not found on any of the tables. It is the “B Rewarded Card” that you will find at the Players Club. This little piece of plastic is worth a lot more than the average player might think.

Years ago only the table players were the ones to receive a Comp which is short for complimentary. A rebate card, for lack of a better word, that the casino returns to you for your loyalty.

Everyone can earn comps that include Free Play, food, shows, and in some cases a cash rebate. By signing up for a B Rewarded Players Club Card, you will also be eligible to receive information about special promotions going on.

Earning comps is a way of getting something extra for your casino dollar, and you can’t get them if you don’t have a B Rewarded Players Club Card.

brewarded membership benefits
B Rewarded

The B Rewarded Players Club Card

Be a part of the most generous club in town! As a B Rewarded Player, you will see your points and comps go up at an extraordinary rate. We believe that every time you visit Baldini’s Casino, it should be your favorite visit. That’s why we’re always offering special promotions. It’s our job to surprise you as best as we possible can, over and over again. Sound like a tall order? That’s okay, get to know us and you’ll soon find out that we know how to rise to the occasion.


We have improved the way you earn points!

For every $1 you Play, Not Win or Lose, You Earn:
➤ Earn 3x Points on All Video Reel Machines.
➤ Earn 2x Points on Video Poker and Keno Machines.
➢ Select Video Poker Machines Will be $1 = 1 Point

➥ Video Reel $1 = 3x Cashback
➥ Video Poker $1 = 2x Cashback

Earn Up To 3x Faster All Day, Every Day!

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Your Entry To Great Promotions

Want to join Reno/Sparks top-rated Players Club, The B Rewarded Players Club? Sign up for a B Rewarded Players Card today, where you’ll earn 3 times the points for every dollar you play. Redeem those points for amazing rewards, like dining and entertainment packages, free slot play, or cold hard cash! You can sign up for a B Rewarded Players Club Card on the website right now, or simply drop by Baldini’s Casino to sign up whenever you like!

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Dining Promotions

Forget coupon clipping, there’s no need for dining coupons at Baldini’s. Our restaurant deals offer incredibly low prices year-round, with great value from casual eateries like the Brickyard Bar and Grill, to our exquisite meals offered at the Empire Diner. To get the best bang for your buck, stop by any eatery in our casino with your B Rewarded Players Club Card to receive the best player’s discount in Reno/Sparks!

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Gaming Promotions

Don’t forget your B Rewarded Players Club Card, as it’s the ticket to some of the best gaming promotions in Northern Nevada. We do casino promotions better than anyone, so sign up today to start earning rewards from all of your favorite games. Check out this month’s current gambling deals!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I earn points and how much are points worth?
Earn Points while playing any of your favorite machines. Redeem Points at the Players Club or kiosk for Cashback or FreePlay. 5,000 Points = $5 Cashback or $7 FreePlay.

Are there coupons and comps?
Earn Coupons while playing at your favorite machines. Comps can be used at any restaurant, bar, or at the gift shop. Simply swipe your card at the outlet to redeem.

How do I get offers and more?
Receive monthly mail offers based on your play not your card status. Offers may consist of FreePlay, Free Food, Bonus tickets, promo items, and much more.

How do upgrades work?
Card Rankings (VIP, Copper, Gold, Etc). Earning period for card status is every 6 months. April-September and October-March. Players will instantly be upgraded during the earning period. Once upgraded you will enjoy that status through the next period.

Are the points the same on every game?
Earn 3x Points on All Video Reel Machines.
Earn 2x Points on Video Poker and Keno Machines.
Select Video Poker Machines Will be $1 = 1 Point
Video Reel $1 = 3x Cashback
Video Poker $1 = 2x Cashback
Earn Up To 3x Faster All Day, Every Day!

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Players Club Rules

All members must be 21 or older.

Proper ID must be presented at the Club Desk to receive benefits or to redeem points.

Players Cards remain the property of Baldini’s Casino and must be returned upon request. Membership may be revoked or cancelled at any time.

It is the Player’s responsibility to ensure Club Cards are properly inserted in the gaming device. All Players Club rewards and benefits must be earned and redeemed by the cardholder. Comps and Points accrue based on tracked Casino play and are subject expiration.

All FreePlay, Offers, Discounts, and Tournaments are subject to qualifications based on tracked Casino play.

Members cannot earn Comp Dollars or Points with FreePlay. Baldini’s Casino reserves the right to adjust any point balance resulting from machine malfunction, operator error, or any other reason it deems valid.

Baldini’s Casino reserves the right to cancel or change member privileges at any time without notice.

Baldini’s Casino is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misused cards, or for any comp or point redemption resulting from same.

All earned or promised complementaries including, but not limited to, points, comps, and FreePlay will be surrendered if cardholder is trespassed pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 207.200.

Members’ use of the Players Club Card indicates acceptance of all rules of Baldini’s Players Club.

Official Players Club rules are available at the Players Club Desk.

Be accepting the rules and conditions you are opting in to future email and mobile marketing promotions. You may opt out at any time by contacting Baldini’s Casino.