Brickyard Grill 

Serving up great food 11 am – 9 pm

Brickyard Grill

Welcome to Baldini’s, Where You Can Still Get a Good Deal on Good Great Food.

Join us at the Brickyard Grill to enjoy our Local Favorites like the World-Famous Burger Basket. This local’s favorite features a juicy burger paired with crispy fries and a refreshing drink, all for just $4.79.

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burger basket
daily special

Looking for something a little different?

Try our Chicken and Ribs or Ribs and Fries specials. Priced at only $5.99 each or grab two for just ten dollars, these hearty meals are available daily after 4pm.

It’s the perfect way to satisfy your hunger after a hard day at work or a day of excitement and gaming. At Baldini’s, we put the value back into value meals. Visit Baldini’s, where you can always expect a great meal and a fantastic deal. Remember, The Best Things Happen at Baldini’s!

What Type Of Mood Are You In?

Whether you’re in the mood for something light like fries and a beverage, or you want to pair your beers with chicken wings, at Brickyard Grill you’ll always find a menu item that can satisfy your hunger.

Amazing Food

Check out all of our tasty appetizers, piled-high sandwiches and wraps, fresh salads, and mouth watering burgers and tacos.

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taco basket