$33,000 Cash & Free Play Jubilee Weekend Giveaway

Right now!  You need to be among the 80 WINNERS EVERY WEEKEND! Your favorite place to play is giving away $33,000 in cold hard cash and free play! 

4 Lucky Winners will be chosen every single hour of each Friday and Saturday from 11am-8pm. This is your chance to win anywhere from $25 up to $500 in Free Play or Cash! Up to $500 in cash! We make it easy for you. All you have to do is be one of the random Players chosen to remove a prize piece from our Cash & Free Play Jubilee Game Board! This special board contains 500 mystery prizes! Remove a piece and win what’s revealed! And you don’t miss want to miss out on our spectacular finale, a two-day Grand Prize Drawing Weekend, Friday and Saturday, January 29th & 30th at 8:15pm sharp on both days. On these days 10 lucky winners will each get to select 5 prize game pieces. Lucky Players like YOU will win the TOTAL aggregate of the 5 prize pieces they pick! That can be a lot of Cash and/or Free Play! The $33,000 Cash and Free Play Jubilee is wildly popular because it is fun, easy, and can reward lucky Players at the perfect time of year! Be one of 80 Winners every weekend and play the $33,000 Cash and Free Play Jubilee!

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