Touchdown Dice

Simply by actively playing with your B Rewarded Card inserted into a Baldini’s slot machine every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in January from 10 am-6 pm and you may be selected to play Touchdown Dice. The goal is to score a touchdown! The faster you score a Touchdown, the BIGGER the instant Free Play Prize! Each player will have four rolls of the dice to score, it’s Easy & Fun! There will be 3 lucky winners every hour! Plus as a bonus, all 3 players selected every hour will receive up to 75 bonus entries for our CASH & FREE PLAY JUBILEE WEEKEND DRAWINGS!


  1. Hot Seat Drawings are held every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in January from 10AM – 6PM.
  2. Drawings are held every hour.
  3. Three winners will be chosen every hour to play Touchdown Dice for a chance to win an instant Free Play prize.
  4. Prizes include: $15 Free Play, $20 Free Play, $25 Free Play, $30 Free Play, and $50 Free Play. Plus bonus entries into the January Jubilee Drawings.
  5. Players will receive up to 4 downs (rolls) of one die to score a Touchdown. the total of each die rolled will correlate to yardage gained on the Touchdown Dice game board and based on the number of downs that it takes to get across the End Zone will determine the prize amount won. Should a player not score in 4 downs, he or she will receive $15 in Slot Free Play.
  6. Player will start at one goal line and must go 100 yards on 4 rolls to achieve a Touchdown.
  7. Each number on the dice represents “10” yards.
  8. Bonus: On player’s 1st (first) roll ONLY; roll “Baldini’s Casino” for an instant touchdown.
  9. Players may win multiple prizes per day.
  10. Should dice be thrown off game board or not perform a clean roll, player will receive an additional roll to qualify for an instant prize. Decisions from Baldini’s management designee are considered final.
  11. Players must be a B Rewarded cardholder and must be actively playing with their B Rewarded Players Card inserted in order to qualify for the Hot Seat Drawings.
  12. It is the Player’s responsibility to make sure the card reader is green which means that their card is properly inserted.
  13. Free Play prizes have an expiration date of 6 days from issuance.
  14. You must be 21 years of age to participate in this promotion.
  15. Management reserves all rights to change, alter, or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  16. Promotion expires on January 30, 2021, following 6pm drawing.
  17. Employees of Baldini’s Casino are not eligible to participate.


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